Wednesday, October 13

still sewing!

 yup, still sewing!
this is based on the out of print vogue pattern 8385, I went w/ hook & eye and black ties for a more steam punky feel.

i have the exact totally expensive V. Westwood shirt this pattern is seemingly based on.
my version is lined, though not perfectly, and, YES, needs a good press, but i’d just worn it all day ; ) ….. this is a great top for those with a larger chest, btw!
I’d never put in a hook & eye w/ lining etc before, & next time will probably read some techniques, as i just treated it like a puzzle.
i stumbled on , she has an great blog, with an awesome version of this top,
i’ve made 3 variations so far… very fun and easy to sew.
i also wanna suggest to people who don't sew to consider taking patterns or dresses you dig to a local seamstress etc and have pieces made. you'll be surprised how cost effective it can be, and how great it feels to have fashions that actually fit your specific figure. often a custom made garment will cost you less and fit you better compared to an off the rack designer.

I like the sense of accomplishment i get from making stuff and being creative, be it clothes, collages, acting, what have you... what makes you feel accomplished? xx True


  1. I have that pattern. I have DD's and am going to try to work in putting underwire bra cups in there so I can feel braless without actually being braless.

  2. Accomplishment: I have to agree, being creative while solving the mission feeels rewarding, I do graphics/illustrate it's great when I am able to complete the task (rabit out of the hat) and deliver on time.

  3. it's good feeling knowing you were able to create something with your hands. I do the same thing with landscaping and i also have the vintage car disease. i've always loved working on my car then going to the track and racing against my friends for bragging rights. keep up the good work.

  4. Maybe next time you could model your creation for us? The blue dummy is nice, yet I feel there is something lacking.


  5. Accomplished...making music that ends up making me feel good...and having my daughter hug me at bed time saying..."U're the best daddy in the world" (on the nights when she's not trying to sweet talk me into allowing her stay up later)

  6. Dear heart I must say I have seen you in many guise...I always thought the 2 of us were near and dear in actions but that may have just been online....finding out you dye your clothing as any woman out there trying for what she wants or trying to make that fav shirt/outfit last....refreshing to say the very least...Cool most definitly to find we have identical music tastes....the baby loves you musicas!

  7. Being creative is what gets me through the day! I have tasked myself with making (or planning or just working on) something each day this year. So far, I've stuck to it. I even discovered some hidden talent for sketching and painting. They are competing with my sewing time now ;O)